We are an audiovisual production company specialized in tv, cinema, documentaries and advertising areas.

With over 20 years of experience in providing specialized services to various media and tv channels statewide, our productions have imagination, quality and flexibility of customer service as main lines.



We start the shooting of the documentary ALEXANDRE DEULOFEU. We’ll shoot in Buenos Aires, Caracas, París, Montpellier, Madrid, Barcelona and Figueres.


DOS DÍAS Y UNA NOCHE is on air at Antena 3 prime-time. It’s about the four main candidates for the 26J elections.


We started shooting the short film HORROR VACUI by Felipe Espinosa.


We started the 3rd season production of VA PASSAR AQUÍ for BTV.


ANOMALOUS, directed by Hugo Stuven and starring Lluís Homar, won the bronze award at Worldfest-Houston International Film & Video Festival, in the suspense/thriller category.


We start the 7th season of DINÀMIKS for the Super 3 channel.


DOS DÍAS Y UNA NOCHE became the audience lider in the Antena 3 access with 13,6% and 2,5 million people.


VISIONA TV launch the new show DOS DÍAS Y UNA NOCHE on Antena 3 at 21.45h.


VISIONA TV begins recordings of DOS DÍAS Y UNA NOCHE with Susanna Griso for Antena 3.


Is the VISIONA TV 10th anniversary! and we want to celebrate it giving free support to audiovisual entrepreneurs, more info clicking this link.


DINÀMIKS tv show premieres saturdays at 10.40AM on “El Club Super 3″ (TV3).


VISIONA TV has taken over the 5th season of DINÀMIKS tv show for “El Club Super 3″ (TV3).


VICENÇ FERRER nominated for Gaudí catalan cinema awards 2014 for best tv movie.


EL PLA SARDÀ, presented by Xavier Sardà, renews a new season at BTV.


The documentary “EL MADRID REAL: LA LLEGENDA NEGRA DE LA GLÒRIA BLANCA” is broadcasted by the tv show “Sense Ficció” at TV3 at 22.40h.


We premier “EL PLA SARDÀ” on BTV featuring Xavier Sardà and Pep Plaza, fridays at 22h.


We premier the new season of TRES14, a popular science tv series in La 2 from TVE, every sunday at 20.30h.


The second season of the BTV reports from Barcelona city “VA PASSAR AQUÍ” starts fridays at 21.30h


VISIONA TV, in coproduction with NUMÉRICA FILMS, starts shooting the feature film “ANOMALOUS”, a supernatural thriller starring Lluís Homar and directed by Hugo Stuven Casanovas.


VICENÇ FERRER, is the most viewed movie from the “Big Stories” film series, aired saturday night at TV3 (12,3% share and 308.000 viewers).

VICENÇ FERRER wins the Shangai’s MAGNOLIA AWARD for best TV Movie script, competing with productions from the English BBC and the Germany ZDF.


VICENÇ FERRER, the last work from VISIONA TV, will be aired this saturday at 21.50h on TV3 (Catalonia Television). And after that, the documentary LA FELICITAT SEGONS VICENÇ FERRER, also produced by VISIONA TV, will be aired too.


Intermedia Globe Gold Award to “Vicente Ferrer” in the Hamburg World Media Festival.


The “Vicente Ferrer” TV Movie coproduced by VISIONA TV wins the New York Festival Gold World Medal.


“Vicente Ferrer” coproduced by VISIONA TV, wins the Impact 2014 award in the “historical drama” category.


“Vicente Ferrer”, has been nominated for the Impact Awards of Turin. The VISIONA coproduction will compete in the “historical drama” category.


Thursday, January 9 at 22.30h, TVE (La1) will debut the TV Movie “VICENTE FERRER” starring Imanol Arias and Aida Folch and co-produced by VISIONA TV. After the TV Movie and also on TVE (La1), will be aired the documentary “LA FELICIDAD SEGÚN VICENTE FERRER” also co-produced by VISIONA TV.